"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



Welcome to South Eastman Transition Initiative! 

You've found a group of people in Southeastern Manitoba that are passionate about changing the way we live locally, so that we live in a way that doesn't harm our planet.  We believe that change happens when people get together and make it happen, so that's what we do!  Our group is small but committed, and optimistic about the changes we can make.  Have a look around, find out what's happening, and share your ideas with us. 

If you have any questions along the way, let us know

Who We Are

The South Eastman Transition Initiative exists to help facilitate a transition towards more sustainable lifestyles in Southeastern Manitoba. We come from a range of backgrounds but are not affiliated to any political party or organization. We intend to

  • educate ourselves and the public
  • transition as individuals
  • lobby for change at relevant levels of government

What We Do

Education and Self Awareness

  • We write a weekly column for our webpage and Mysteinbach.ca and a bi-weekly column for The Carillon called "Rethinking Lifestyles"
  • We help each other out with our own sustainable living projects
  • We support local schemes that encourage sustainable living (eg Fruitshare, Food Matters Manitoba)
  • We encourage discussion between interested and/or informed people on topics related to our sustainability.

Our Organization

We began meeting in August 2009. The leading members include:

Communications:           Selena Randall

Event Planning:   Wade Wiebe

Policy Analysis:    Eric Rempel

Reskilling & Resource:      Rebecca Hiebert 

Our Strategies

Occasional e-Newsletter

The newsletter draws attention to local events that may of interest to persons in the southeast who share our interests. If you wish to be on this e-mailing list, send us an email.

Weekly Column

We are posting a weekly column here, Mysteinbach.ca and bi-weekly in the Carillon. This column is designed to create a visible profile in the community, effectively inviting participation in the Transition Initiative; promote community awareness about the unsustainability of present developed world lifestyles; and provide a venue where ideas relevant to sustainability issues can be exchanged. The column includes stories from both global and local contexts that inspire us to move towards sustainability as well as the fruits of research and actions of similar organizations around the world.


This website is an on-line focal point for persons interested or involved in the Transition Initiative. It is a place to preserve and archive documentation including submissions and articles published in The Carillon. It provides a link to other websites and articles we consider relevant. It will also provide a directory of individuals and businesses in Southeastern Manitoba with information, experience, and products or services relevant to sustainable living.

Sponsorship of Local Events

We will sponsor local events open to the public, around issues of sustainability. This could include: broad agenda “town house” meetings, showing of appropriate movies followed by discussion, workshops on a variety of topics related to sustainability, and presentations by knowledgeable speakers on relevant topics.

Engaging Local Leaders

We will engage local leaders in discussions relating to the public impact of decisions they are making and their effect on sustainability. This includes federal, provincial, municipal and city leaders, school and health officials, local business persons and community groups.

Research and Experimentation

Where there are gaps in the application of knowledge to the situation in Southeastern Manitoba, we may engage in relevant research. This may be research into the application of technology, research exploring systems, or any other kind of relevant experimentation.