"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



Rethinking Lifestyles

We prepare a weekly column that appears on page 7 in The Carillon and on mysteinbach.ca every week. It also appears as a blog: Rethinking Lifesyle.blogspot.com. Subscribe to it in your reader and join the discussion through the comment section. We also welcome 500 word essays from readers of the column and will publish essays germane to who we are. Send your essays to eric@southeasttransition.com.

Floating Cattail Bioplatforms -- YES!!!!

It is exciting to follow developments with respect to the Landmark and Niverville lagoon reclamation projects. Both are using swamp vegetation to remove phosphorous from their lagoons. Equally exciting are trials at Providence University College to use dried cattails to heat the campus. All three projects have been reported by The Carillon and other local media.

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How Does One Make a Difference ? 

This is a question that I have asked myself many times, as a parent, as a university student of international development studies and as a fellow human watching the world's climate change and feeling helpless to make an impact.

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Looney Food Sense

So the looney has dipped below seventy cents in relation to the American dollar. Of course that means that all the fruits and vegetables we buy in our grocery stores coming from the USA are becoming more expensive. What is a sensible response to this new reality?

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What is Going on in the Kitchen?

The term “Kitchen Party” refers to a style of gathering that has been around for hundreds of years. During a Kitchen Party, friends and family gather together eating, playing music, singing, and dancing. Anyone can join in, regardless of musical ability and everyone is welcome. Traditionally Kitchen Parties tended to feature folk music: reels and jigs with their origins in Scotland, Ireland, Cape Breton and from Metis culture, to name a few. The Kitchen party is, and was, a way to create entertainment on a cold winter night, even on tight a budget!

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Become a climate-friendly eater in 2016

Once in a while an interesting article pops up in my social media feeds, and this week it was an article on how to be a climate friendly eater by Lydia O’Connor in the Huffington Post.

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