"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



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La Broquerie needs your support on rural pathways


The RM of La Broquerie is looking at creating a network of rural pathways to increase connectivity and to provide safe commuter corridors for walking and cycling. This project needs public support. On November 23rd and 24th, 2016, members of the CDC’s planning team will be sharing information about the Secondary Plan process and listening to your ideas for the future of La Broquerie’s trail network.

November 23, 2016 (4PM to 6:30PM): Aborgate School (71 Normandeau Bay)

November 24, 2016 (4PM to 7:00PM): Ecole Saint-Joachim (29 Normandeau Bay)

With help from the La Broquerie Community Development Corporation, the RM is addressing these policies in its Development Plan: 

4.2.11 Identify and protect future regional transportation corridors and connections within the municipality;

4.2.15 Promote alternatives to vehicular transportation by providing an effective inter-neighbourhood trail system for commuters and recreational users; and

4.2.16 The municipality will work toward an environment that encourages and supports walking or cycling throughout the community by design. Practices that ensure safe, direct, comfortable, attractive, and convenient pedestrian conditions, including safe walking and bicycling routes to schools, community recreation facilities, parklands, and commercial areas, and dedicated bicycle parking in appropriate areas, will be utilized.


Community Conversation Wed Nov 16: Carbon Pricing 


FYI: THe Provencher Green Party is hosting a Community Conversation on Wed Nov 16 at the Jake Epp Library. The topic will be Carbon Pricing: Incentive or Tax Grab? The presentation  will include a discussion on the pros & cons, effect on agriculture, and an analysis of BCs carbon pricing system. SETI is not affiliated with any political party. We do however encourage members to self-educate and participate in political discourse concerning environmental issues.

Location: Jake Epp Library, 255 Elmdale St, Steinbach

Date: Wednesday November 16 2016

Time: 7:00PM - 9:00PM


How many people can you fit in a small house?

Surprisingly many! Especially when you have a fold-away wall bed/desk and liftable stairs. Gary Martens hosted a full house Tuesday Nov 8, when he opened his small house to a curious and interested crowd. Gary's careful itemization of all costs - including a log of his own labour - was on display along with plans of the house itself. His costs and plans are posted here for your information.

SETI is grateful to Gary for sharing & documenting his experiences in transitioning towards simplicity. We invite any members who would like to share their perspectives and experiences to get in touch with us so that we can continue to offer fascinating events like this!


Gary Martens Small House Tour - Nov 8

Gary Martens, retired U of M professor of Plant Sciences endeavoured to build an ultra-efficient small house on his acreage in Kleefeld, MB. The result has been a careful deliberation and design process, culminating in a small house that stands in stark contrast to the large and inefficient new homes of today. Join us for a guided tour of Gary's new house. Gary will discuss his solutions to the challenges he encountered, and why he decided to build small.  

When: Tuesday Nov. 8. 2016, 7pm to 9pm

Where: 26025 Hanover Road, Kleefeld (map)

Cost: Free!

  • Directions: Drive on the 52 Hwy west out of Steinbach until you reach the Kleefeld turn off. Turn left, going south towards Kleefled. Turn left onto Hanover Road (34N), going east, Gary lives at 26025 Hanover Rd.

EcoFair success!

Saturday's EcoFair was a great success, thanks to the presenters and fantastic weather! Check out our Reskilling Page for follow-ups and additional resources on the topics presented. Special thanks for the generous support from: