"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




Lessons from the October Snowstorm – We need Systemic Changes

Aside from a four hour power disruption in some communities, the October snow storm did not affect us much here in the Southeast. This was not the case for other parts of the province. Significant communities were without power for two weeks and some remote communities are still depending on temporary diesel generators.

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Thoughts on Resilience after the Thanksgiving 2019 Snowstorm

I dug out our Christmas present from a few years ago to look through it to remind me all that was in it. Our son, who is a bit of a survivalist got us all “bug out bags” gave it to us. There are four categories of items in the bag: essentials, food and medications, hygiene and clothing. It is a big heavy bag but it is intended to be there ready to use in an emergency.

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Our Climate is Changing

Our climate is changing. Where once we could expect the majority of our precipitation as snow in the winter months we must now expect a more even split between snow and rain. This will likely mean that we experience an increasing number of years with both drought and flood in one year. If communities in the south east are to thrive in the face of climate change, we need to think of new ways to manage the built and rural landscape, relying less on technological solutions.

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Reflections on the Thanksgiving Storm

The weather events of the week prior to the Thanksgiving weekend were disruptive, although we were not all affected in the same way. Nevertheless we have all been reminded of how our lifestyle has made us dependent on systems that can fail. We have been reminded of our vulnerability. Several people have reflected on this storm and this vulnerability and we will be publishing these reflections in a series of columns. If you have an experience or reflection that you think is worth sharing, send it to eric@southeasttransition.com.

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Information Evening