"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



Rethinking Lifestyles

We prepare a weekly column that appears on page 7 in The Carillon and on mysteinbach.ca every week. It also appears as a blog: Rethinking Lifesyle.blogspot.com. Subscribe to it in your reader and join the discussion through the comment section. We also welcome 500 word essays from readers of the column and will publish essays germane to who we are. Send your essays to eric@southeasttransition.com.

Vulnerability and Natural Systems Agriculture Research

Joining the Natural Systems Agriculture team in its annual field day at Carman, has, in recent years, become one of my summer activities. I look forward to this event. Below are some thoughts that occurred to me as I took part in this year's event.

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What will it take for us to change our lawncare practices?

As a group of us sat at GreenSpace Options last week for our Green Drinks discussion, surveying our different grass management treatments, we were approached by a Steinbacher who had his own views on lawncare.

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Building a House? 10 Things You Need To Think About First

One of the biggest barriers to sustainable living is a house that just isn’t designed for it. If you are planning to build a new house, here are ten points to consider before starting construction.

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Will There Be Water?

It is hard not to hear the alarm bells ringing in California because of its persistent drought, now in its fourth year. Although droughts have plagued California for a long time, based on a study of tree rings, some scientists are saying this is the worst drought in 1200 years. Already back in 2008 I remember the sinking feeling in my stomach upon seeing a mountain reservoir east of Fresno, California with only a small pool of water at the bottom. Levels have come up briefly since then, I’m sure, but now they are even lower than seven years ago.

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Parking and Downtown Revitalization

The new SCU building is about to open, Steinbach City Council is in the midst of planning for a much expanded recreation centre, and we, the public, have just been able to participate in an open house to discuss these facility concepts. This is a good time to discuss the role free parking plays in the development of our city.

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