"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




January Movie Night

Our treat Wednesday evening


Natural Systems Agriculture

Those of us who turned out to hear Gary Martens talk about his conversion to Natural Systems Agricuture on Wednesday, Nov 27 were treated to a stimulating presentation by Gary. Not only do we now better understand the merits of Natural Systems Agriculture, but we were also drawn into what Gary is trying on his "nano farm" near Kleefeld.

Given the state of the world we live in. it is only logical and appropriate that we all be concerned about the sustainability and robustness of the food system we depend on.

Gary has provided us with a list of people who have influenced him as he has thought about sustainable agriulture:

  • Allan Savory of the Holistic Management movement. See the link to Allan's TED talk in the right hand bar. 
  • Martin Entz – crops and livestock integration. Eric referred to an online webinar given by Martin Entz earlier this week. It can be viewed here. Unfortunately when I tried to view it Saturday morning, I could only get the audio -- no video. I have written to the sponsorers, and will post here if that problem is resolved. Martin's main work is accessibe here.
  • Weinberg – An introduction to systems thinking
  • Mark Shepard – Farm scale permaculture
  • Joel Salatin – A farmer as the conductor
  • Ronald Wright – A short history of progress
  • Jared Diamond – Guns, Germs and Steel, Collapse
  • David Montgomery – Dirt; The erosion of civilization
  • Jane Jacobs – Dark age ahead
  • Thomas Homer-Dixon – The upside of down
  • Michael Pollan – The omnivore’s dilemma
  • Lester Brown – World Watch Institute: Plan B
  • Naomi Kline – the shock doctrine
  • Joshua Farley – Ecological economics
  • Vaclav Smil – A beginners guide to energy
  • Brian Walker and David Salt – Resilience thinking
  • Blain Hjertaas – Holistic management practitioner at Redvers, SK
  • Jonathon Weiner – the next hundred years
  • T.P. Bayliss-Smith – The ecology of agricultural systems
  • Peter Senge – the fifth discipline
  • David Pimmental – Food, Energy and Society
  • Fred Magdoff – Soil organic matter in sustainable agriculture
  • Bruno Dyck – The gospel of luke on management

Gary's nano farm is Gary's attempt at sustainability in terms of his own food system. 



2013 By-Election Q&A

South Eastman Transition Initiative has asked each of the candidates for their positions on three important issues. Read their responses here.


November Green Drinks: Meet Janine Gibson from the Green Party

Twenty of us had a stimulating, enjoyable evening with Janine Gibson, Green Party candidate in the Provencher bi-election.  It was good to sense Janine's passion for life, which includes us humans, the environment and democracy. We learned that the Green Party is not a one issue party, and that it has well thought out positions on the issues facing Canada today.

An unanticipated end to the meeting was a decision to have an election night party. Gary Martens invites us to his home at 26025 Hanover Road, right in Kleefeld. That's November 25 at 8:00pm. 


AGM Highlights from the September Meeting

SETI had its AGM in September. Why are we hearing about that in November [you may ask]?! Well, mostly because of commitments to “putting up the harvest.” But that's done now, and we are moving into winter mode. Highlights of the meeting are attached.

At the AGM we brainstormed ideas on how SETI can continue to make a difference in the Southeast. Remember please that SETI is only as strong as the commitment of concerned people to exert themselves to make a difference. Below is a list of places you could plug in this winter. Or you have a vision we do not list. Check out your available energy and passion, and see how you can strengthen our ability to make a difference in this community.

  • Write an article for Rethinking Lifestyle
  • Assist in the planning of events and workshops
  • Assist in the preparation and delivery of a presentation to Steinbach City Council and the Municipal Councils of Southeastern Manitoba
  • Promoting the consumption and sale of locally produced food
  • Planning and preparing a display for Summer in the City and/or the Niverville Fair
  • Some Transition Groups have collected pledges to encourage people to live more sustainably, we would like to try that.
  • Help to organize and build an environmentally responsible home in this area.

If any of this catches your interest, explore it further by emailing eric@southeasttransition.com.