"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



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DIY Homesteader Festival Saturday Aug 10-11

If you haven't heard of the annual DIY Homesteader Festival in Thalburg MB, we think you should check it out. Here's the impressive 2019 workshop lineup:

Permaculture Farm Design, Sourdough Breadmaking, Heating the Homestead, Wool Processing, Natural Building, Canning, Wine Cap Mushroom Beds, Urban Farming, Wild Plant Walk & Basketmaking Harvest, Pastured Broilers, Cheesemaking, Urban Chickens, Hugelkultur Guilds, Beekeeping, Hide Tanning, Tree Tapping, Cast Iron, Fire Cider, Community Indigo Vat Fermented Salsa, Bone Broth & Liver Paté, Flower Farming, Sourdough Bread-Making, Oyster Mushroom Pails, Fermentation, Hempcrete, Raising Alpacas, Natural Dyeing, Humanure Compost Toilets, Pastured Layers, Sheep School, Permabed Design, Permaculture Water Management, Natural Basket-Making, Tree Tapping, Cast Iron, Kombucha, Canning, Blacksmithing, Community Mend-In

One SETI member describes it as "super well organized, interesting and relevant to the reskilling and homesteading community".