"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



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The Acorn

Oak Acorn 1550px

by Gary Martens


An acorn when it’s born

Wants to be an oaken tree

Though oft this drive is met with scorn

And is not always meant to be

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Embracing the Wind

The fuel that drove economies in the 19th century was mostly coal. In the 20th century it was oil. What will it be in the 21st century?

Coal still fuels many electricity plants around the world but continues to pollute. And we are running out of oil. All oil-producing countries have now reached “peak oil” and production of this once ubiquitous fossil fuel is declining world-wide.

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Cycle Again

I cherish my memories of learning to ride a bike.  The exhilarating speed, the acrobatic feel of a new movement, and the expanding horizons were absolutely thrilling to me.  Eventually though, I left it behind and started driving a car. 

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Seed Saving Presentation & Exchange

On Thursday Feb 23, the Woodmore Women's Institute will host a Seed-saving Presentation & Exchange in Roseau River, MB. Mandy Botincan will expose the wonders of these exciting “old time” vegetables by bringing some rare seeds to show and tell (world collection says there are close to 26,000!) including a photo slide show.

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Energy East Pipeline: Lecture and Discussion

February 15, 7:00 PM, Jake Epp Library:

The South Eastman Transition Initiative is teaming up with the Provencher Green Party Association to present a public educational event about the proposed Energy East Pipeline. This pipeline poses a risk to the communities of Ste. Anne, Lorette and Ilse des Chenes as well as to the Winnipeg water supply. Are the benefts worth it? Is this a step in the right direction? Our guest will be Winnipeg Lawyer Douglas Tingey, who has represented clients to the National Energy Board with respect to the Energy East Pipeline.