"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




This Is Not a Test

This is not a test, but what do you think is the worst thing that has ever happened to planet earth? Perhaps the asteroid collision that ended the age of the dinosaurs. Perhaps the industrial revolution that has resulted in the present crisis we are in at the moment, namely climate change; maybe the invention of plastic or gunpowder; or maybe the flood at the time of Noah that was caused by a huge tsunami following a comet crashing into the sea, the aftermath of which enabled domestication of certain animals and thus the era of easy food production and eventually industrialization.

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The ‘eco’ Cancer Patient’s Dilemma

Nurse hangs chemotherapy drugsIts no secret that I’m an environmentalist.

I was raised to respect all life and to appreciate the world we live in. I studied biology, resources management and environmental toxicology following my interests, and I have spent a significant part of my working and volunteer life protecting people and the environment from pollution. I try to live my life thoughtfully as far as the environment is concerned.

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It’s Gardening Time! Workshop & Plant Exchange May 1

Have you never gardened but would like to start, or are you looking for some new ideas injected into your many years of gardening? Welcome May by attending a free workshop and plant exchange in Roseau River, at the Roseau River Park Hall, May 1st 6:30-9. The hall is on highway 59 south end of the village (road 12N). Brought to you by the Woodmore Women's Institute Food Security Initiative.

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Three Months to Live

What would you do if your doctor told you that you had three months to live? You would probably put your affairs in order, make sure your Will was up-to-date, go for a holiday and especially spend time with family and friends. But what if the doctor said you had six months to live? Would you dilly-dally for the first three months just in case there was a magic cure, and then do much the same as the first scenario? But what if the doctor said you had one year? or ten years? As long as you could live reasonably comfortably you likely wouldn’t do anything special until the last three months, and I expect almost everyone would be the same.

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What’s Wrong with the Carbon Tax?

I am writing this April 1, the day the federal carbon tax came into effect. As I went around my usual activities today, I was surprised by the number of comments I heard and read that indicate that folks think we have crossed a significant threshold. I think I agree with these folks, but not for the reason most folks put forward. The comments I came across were to the effect that this tax is going to hurt us. I don’t think it will.

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