"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




Mulching and Intercropping

Les Plantes Cultivades. Cereals. Imatge 72It wasn’t so long ago that I looked forward to the new spring growth; the greening up of the world. Then it came on strong, nurtured by timely rains and the warm sun. Now, a few weeks later I am already thinking about stopping some of that growth. I hear lawn mowers cutting grass, and sprayers out in the fields. Garden hoes are quite silent but do provide a satisfying clunk as they cut off a thick dandelion root.

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The Trans-Mountain Pipeline

The decision by the Trudeau government to purchase the Trans-Mountain pipeline for $4.5 billion and the commitment to actually build the pipeline can hardly be seen as anything other than a massive subsidy to Oil Sands development.

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It's a Misty Manitoba Morning

It is a misty Manitoba morning and I like it that way. I have been to exotic locations but give me a prairie morning with a meadowlark greeting me with her rhapsody of song and the smell of the earth in the air and I will be content.

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Spring is a most wonderful time of year. The shades of dirty white, black and brown give way to a proliferation of greens. The evergreens are the stable background green from which to judge the new growth, first the grasses then the poplar trees. This year it took quite a while to see that green haze on the poplar trees, the indication that my dad uses to determine the time to start planting.

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Presentation: To Ottawa on a Tandem Bicycle - Thurs May 24th 


La Broquerie to Ottawa on a Tandem BicycleWade and Jacinthe Wiebe

In 2016, we started riding our bikes again. By August 2017, we were on our way to Ottawa on a tandem bike! We will be giving a 90-minute presentation about the experience at the Seine-Rat River Conservation District office in Steinbach. Hope to see you there!

Location: Seine-Rat River Conservation District office, 154 Friesen Ave, Steinbach

Date: Thursday, May 24th at 7:00pm