"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau



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What are you drinking from?


Friends of mine were engaged in an argument on social media about drinks bottles and the merits of reusing a PET (polyethylene terephthalate) single use plastic bottle you bought bottled water in versus recycling it. A study recently published showed that to reuse plastic bottles you need more than a quick rinse to get rid of bacteria, which made my friends start to look at other options.


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Non-violent crisis prevention and treatment

Whether or not our lifestyles are sustainable gets tested during a time of crisis. Is it possible to live in a way that will prevent chaos and suffering during a major crisis? If it is, you might say we have discovered a non-violent mode of existence.

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Doing It Anyway

If you're worried about the environment, it can be frustrating to be around people who aren't. Even among friends and family, the fate of the next and all future generations can be treated like a pet topic or hobby. "Oh right - you're into that kind of stuff. Good for you." Well yes, if you're referring to every living thing, including the earth that keeps them living, then yeah - I'm into that!

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Summer Garden Visits

In an effort to inspire our members and share ideas, SETI is pleased to announce that we will be organizing a monthly Garden Tour of members' homes this summer. The first has already taken place at Gary Martens' home in Kleefeld, MB. Stay tuned for more information & carpool options for upcoming tours:

July 27 - Chris & Selena Randall, New Bothell MB

August 10 - Gabriel Gagné, La Broquerie MB

September 7 - Rebecca Hiebert, La Broquerie MB

We'll tour the gardens and homes of our hosts, have some tea, and talk about our own projects too! We love seeing you at our events -- hope to see you there!


New Hydro Rates and Solar Panels

Readers may recall my recent article about resilience and the huge personal debts most people seem to have. Manitoba Hydro has taken on huge debts as well such that it is having difficulty servicing those debts and as a result Hydro says it will need to raise rates. Reports are that it plans 8+% increases for the next 5 years adding up to a total of 46% extra on your Hydro bill.

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