"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




We Ate Local for One Year

Last year, we decided to buy only local food. It was an experiment to see whether it was actually feasible to “eat local” for a whole year, and it yielded some interesting results. Let me walk you through our reasons for taking on this challenge.

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A Little Bit of Good News

Finally for a change, here are two little bits of good news on the environmental front. The first one needs a bit of background information: much of modern agriculture requires the addition of tons of nitrogen fertilizer, the manufacture of which consumes massive amounts of CO2-emitting fossil fuels, as opposed to the historical method of using manure.

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A New Green Deal for Canada

Last week I quoted extensively from the Green New Deal. I did not give my own perspective on this. Here it is.

In 1933, in the midst of the great depression, US President Roosevelt came up with a series of bold steps intended to turn things around. This program of bold steps was dubbed the New Deal. Inspired by this, some US politicians have now come up with some bold programming to deal with the climate crisis we are facing, and have dubbed this the Green New Deal. Now others have come up with a Green New Deal for Canada.

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Green New Deal for Canada

This week we draw attention to what a coalition of workers, artists, Indigenous leaders, scientists, youth, are saying we need to do if we wish to ensure a safe world for our children and all generations after that. Below are some exerpts:

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A Response to ‘The Conservative Plan’

'Our Conservative Plan’, put out by MP, Mr. Ted Falk, appeared in a recent edition of The Carillon. It talks about balancing the budget, reducing taxes and abolishing the Carbon Tax: it talks about building the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion and building a new west to east pipeline (which would be a disaster for Manitoba’s aquifers and has already been rejected). Yet there is absolutely nothing, repeat, nothing in their plan about dealing with global warming and CO2 emissions. The whole thing is a vote-grabbing gimmick aimed at individuals that are attracted to these fancy words as if they were junk food. You cannot balance the budget and reduce taxes without causing huge unemployment. It’s not possible.

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