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2016 EcoFair - Intermediate Fermentation

Judy Swain of Landmark, MB presented "Intermediate Fermentation" to an engaged group at the 2016 EcoFair. Pointing to the endless possibilities that are possible with fermentation, Judy invited attendees to roll up their sleeves to make a zucchini-shash ferment that's been a hit in her home. Judy can be contacted at: Cell 204-380-2242; Landline 204-388-4978, or email hihopes[at]nlis[dot]ca

A copy of Judy's handout can be accessed here: http://www.setimanitoba.org/storage/EXPERIMENTS_IN_FERMENTING_Judy%20Swain.pdf

Lacto-fermentation (benefits & science): http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/lacto-fermentation/

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