"A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.”

Henry D. Thoreau




Gabriel's Garden

On August 9th, SETI hosted a tour of a “food secure” garden near La Broquerie. Gabriel Gagné was our host and guide as we walked through his 0.18ac vegetable garden last Thursday. An experienced gardener, Gabriel is able to harvest many hundreds of pounds of produce each year, in the traditionally very poor soil of the Kokomo Road development.

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Powered by Water

I wonder how many readers noticed our float in the Pioneer Days Parade last weekend. We wanted to draw the attention of parade watchers to the possibility of powering our transportation with water.

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August Garden Tours

SETI is pleased to announce that we will be hosting tours of two Steinbach area gardens this month! On Thursday August 9, Gabriel Gagné will demonstrate the effective use of buckwheat as a green manure, and discuss his strategies for year-round vegetable self-sufficiency. On Thursday August 23, David Dawson will show how he has been able to take advantage of his greenhouse and novel seed varieties to produce rich, abundant yields. If you ask nicely, he might even reveal his newest working yard ornament – an earthen wood-fired bread oven!

 Thursday August 9th at 7pm - Gabriel Gagné

44 Meadowlark Lane, La Broquerie (map)

Directions from Steinbach: From the water tower, head 4 miles east on Hwy 52 to Kokomo Rd 39E.  Turn left onto Kokomo, then left again at Meadowlark Lane. Second driveway on the left.


Thursday August 23rd at 7pm - David Dawson

41026 Rd 33N, La Broquerie (map)

Directions from Steinbach: From the water tower, head 5 miles east on Hwy 52 to Carriere Rd 40E. Turn right onto Carriere, go 2 miles south and turn left at St. Roch Rd 33N. Go just over one mile to number 41026 33N, on the right.


Why do Conservatives Oppose a Price on Carbon?

So Doug Ford, the new premier of Ontario is cancelling Ontario's program of carbon pricing, Saskatchewan's conservative government is taking the carbon tax question to the supreme court and Alberta's conservative opposition is opposed to the carbon tax. Our Manitoba government is implementing a carbon tax, but one that significantly exempts farmers and some other polluters. Why are so many conservatives opposed to a price on carbon. To me, this opposition just does not make sense.

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Cleaning House


Walking down the cleaning product aisle last week, I inhaled the heady scents and marvelled at the variety of products available. It seems that every month there's a new-and-improved formula for washing dishes or doing laundry. This one smells like a Hawaiian waterfall. That one, like fresh mangoes or wildberries. White and blue powders with red "activation pellets", brilliant green, pink and yellow liquids... all new formulas. I don't buy any of that stuff, and haven't for years now. Let me tell you why and how.

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